Founded in 2020 as an online store focusing mainly on pet apparel and working dog gear, but also featuring items for human counterparts!


Cloud Walker Designs (CWD) is determined to make as high quality products as possible at the lowest prices possible. CWD is taking steps to be as environmentally friendly as possible, including: recycling/repurposing old fabrics*, using vegan materials, and using as minimal** plastic in shipping as possible. 

CWD also aims to contribute to helping others. On an annual basis, 10% of all profits will go to charity. It is my hope to find many ways to give back to the community and help those in need, but this action is a start.


* You may even send in your own fabrics for a percentage off of your purchase!

** I understand that certain disabilities need extra care when it comes to protecting against germs and/or allergens which will best be handled with the use of plastic packaging and the like. There is no shame in that. Minimizing environmental impact to one's specific personal ability is all that matters!

Who's Behind CWD?


Dylan Thomas Lee

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18-year-old disabled service dog handler with an extreme passion for animals, creating, and making a positive change in the world.

This business is my dream job and is only made possible by the love, support, and care given to me by my wonderful girlfriend.

Thank you, Adrienne. 


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My 6-year-old rescue turned at-home service dog. Ladie is an American Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix (via Embark) who does not have the temperament or hip health to be a service dog with public access rights, but she is task trained to aid my disabilities at home. She is my main product tester at this time.

She has changed my world and saved my life and I am ever grateful.

Sylvester (Bubba)

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Sylvester is my (soon to be) 9-year-old tuxedo cat and ESA. Sylvester has been in my life since he was 1-year-old and has been my ESA for most of that time. He is my product tester for items made for cats and sometimes smaller dogs.

Interests: Catnip, crackers, cuddling, stretching, and napping under the blankets.

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